Hello Paul – A High Emotion Simulation Device

Need of a Simulation Device

High Emotion Simulator devices assists in the procedures and techniques applied to provide care for newborn babies. However, neonatal health ‘s a growing concern, and high-tech neonatal devices developed constantly to meet these needs.

Learning life-saving procedures is very crucial for every professional. Neonatal high emotion simulators are made to help healthcare staff train for difficult situations. For example, it is very important to know how it feels when a newborn baby goes into cardiac arrest or respiratory distress.

These neonatal mannequins/ simulator/devices will help NICU doctors and nurses learn how to react quickly, effectively, and sometimes even anticipate trouble before it starts. High-tech neonatal simulators help save money also when training medical staff on administering emergency care to preterm or very low birth weight infants.

Risks Associated With a Premature Infant

Firstly the cause of death among premature infants is respiratory failure. Secondly the most common cause of death among premature infants is sepsis, which results from an infection in the bloodstream (a complication that can lead to organ failure).

Premature infants are more likely to face organ damage or dysfunction than full-term infants. Premature babies also have higher rates of cerebral palsy, vision. Some of the risks can be short-term, and it can be some can be long-term.

Some other risks as mentioned below:

  • Problem-related to the gastro-intestine
  • Unable to control the body temperature
  • Problems related to the brain 
  • Lastly, weak immune and metabolism system.

What is Hello Paul?

Neonatal resuscitation is a demanding environment for even the most experienced practitioner. So, this neonatal high emotion simulator “Hello Paul” incorporates new technology to create a virtual reality experience that brings this critical situation to life.

Hello Paul’s a simulation device, that has realistic facial features and lifelike skin textures. Therefore allowing the delivery of a newborn in difficult situations and stimulation of the umbilical cord. Using the simulator’s camera system, anyone can record videos from different angles for later playback during debriefing sessions.

Paul is the world’s most advanced and realistic simulator. Designed by Dr. Jens Schwindt. He is a Neonatologist who also established SIM characters in 2012. Paul is a further step ahead of other simulation devices. Paul’s created by a team of skilled and expert professionals. In other words to take high fidelity to the next level of high emotion realistic simulator.

The Story of Paul – Premature Baby Simulator From SIMCharacters

Characteristics of Paul ( High Emotion Simulator )

Here we will explain the basic characteristics of Paul.

  • Paul weighs less than 1000 grams.
  • He is 35 cm in measurement.
  • Paul is a preterm baby, born in the 27th week of the pregnancy.
  • Highly realistic anatomical structures, external as well as internal.
  • In addition, correct breathing patterns (pathological and physiological).
  • Also Paul has real hair.

Structural Anatomy 

Here we will list out the basic realistic structural anatomy of Paul one by one.

  • Hyperoxia and Cyanosis (skin color changes to blue or red)
  • Breathing patterns (pathological): Grunting, seesaw breathing, substernal retractions and in addition paradoxical respiration.
  • Ventilation through the Neopuff system. A bag mask can also be used.
  • A realistic upper airway is perfect to practice endotracheal intubation and other neonatal care treatments such as; INSURE or MIST.
  • Intestinal sounds, Auscultatory respiratory, lung and also heart.
  • Feature of tube detection automatically during the intubation process.   
  • Lung parameters (Pathological and Physiological) to support ventilation assisted through the machine.

Technical Features

  • Programming: The device programmed by simple programming, easy to create scenarios and change modes. 
  • Coordinated Annotations: All the data learned or collected during the interaction with Paul capable of easily integrated and saved into a debriefing log automatically. 
  • Animated Controls: Device has 3D animated control with a GUI display. Learner’s actions are displayed graphically as and when they happen. It is also a one-touch control system.
  • Monitor: Easy and instant change in the layout of the screen. This monitor can be accessed wirelessly.
  • Sensors: This simulator has various sensors, for example, head position, tube detection during the intubation, thorax compression, detection of the umbilical cord etc.
  • Breathing: Paul breathes spontaneously at 0 to 100 bpm. 
  • Pulse: Palpable pulse present on extremities; all four and umbilical cord.  
  • Wireless: This simulation device is completely wireless to provide a realistic experience.
  • Audio features: Grunting, crying and, also Amniotic fluid.
  • Battery: Recharged with the help of an inductive charging pad. Also provides 1.5 hours of battery life on mobile use.

Features of Paul – Preterm Infant Simulator From SIMCharacters

More Details 

In this section, we will be discussing some components and programming-related features in detail.

Trainer Laptop

  • Operate the Manikin feature through Wi-Fi.
  • Input can be made through the keyboard and touchscreen.
  • Lastly, the keyboard is detachable from the tablet.

Patient Monitors- Preconfigured 

  • Artefacts of ECG monitor 
  • Other monitor sizes
  • Nellcor, Drager and Philips
  • Touchscreen feature
  • Original interface and also the user-defined configuration
  • It can be switched to different monitor types easily

Graphic User Interface

  • All physiological and pathological processes, as well as therapeutic actions, are displayed in real-time. (for example, intubation and mask ventilation)
  • Annotations can be added to the debriefing interface.
  • Debriefing with audio and video.
  • Events and manikin status are automatically transferred to the interface for debriefing.
  • The manikin is animated in 3D on the GUI.
  • Moreover, SIM Station integration is automatic.

Scenarios That Can Be Programmed

  • Symptoms that have been preprogrammed (RDS, BPD, NEC, apnoea)
  • In addition, quick save allows for intuitive scenario development.
  • Factory settings and scenario progressions are easily accessible.

A Package of Hello Paul Contains:

  • Paul
  • A Battery pack
  • Paul radio module
  • USB wall adapter
  • A trainer’s laptop
  • Charging pad
  • Transport case and also a trolley
  • Wi-Fi access point
  • Stethoscope radio module
  • Lastly a portable Vital signs monitor

Meet the Person Who Created Paul

Let us now see, what the person who created Paul has to conclude;

“Our mission at SIMCharacters is to improve the quality of care for critically ill preterm and newborn babies by advancing the realism and effectiveness of training simulators.”

Dr. Jens-Christian Schwindt

SIMCharacters CEO and Neonatologist


“Paul provides new residents with a unique and safe learning opportunity before they ever touch a premature baby”

Dr. Claudia Lindter

Resident Neonatology

Medical University Vienna

“The only premature infant simulator for highly realistic team training in neonatology”

Dr. Manuel Wilhelm

Department head of Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care

Gelnhausen Germany

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