• Easy to access of infant from all sides with thick Acrylic collapsible side panels
  • Self-locking tilt mechanism allows easy Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenbjurg
    positioning without interrupting the baby and is lockable at any angle within the range of +/-12°
  • Dual side-swivel heater hood provides access for X-rays and other procedures.
  • Ceranic heater and matched reflector profile are designed to uniformly distribute heat for energy
  • Instrument tray pole for infusion pump and IV stand.
  • Examination lamp with sufficient illumination to examine the infant during procedures.
  • M.S. fabrication with powder coating paint
  • Mounted on castor for easy mobility.
  • Lockable mobile castors allow one person to move the warmer.

Technical Specification:-

  • Skin: 30 to 42°C
  • Resolution : 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: +0.2°C


  • Mode: Two operating mode i.e. Skin, manual
  • Actual Temperature display: Skin temperature are displayed on the
    red bright led display as per the operating made, selected by user
  • Manual mode: With programmable heater power and time period,
  • Sport light feather touch control on/off
  • Integrated APGAR timer with alarm at 1,5.10 and 20 minutes can
    also be used as a timer for 60 minutes.

Technical Specification:-

  • Power source: 230V AC, 50 Hz
  • Light source : 50 watt LED Bulb to examine babies
  • Power consumption : 750 Watts at 100% heater power (max)

Set Temperature Range:-

  • Skin: 30 to 42°C
  • Resolution : 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: +0.2°C

Safety Alarm:-

  • Skin temp. high
  • Skin temp. low
  • Heater fail : heater open
  • Skin probe fail
  • System fail : Heater drive fail