Heater Module


Examination Light

Apgar Timer


Air Mode

Set Point(Low)

Set Point(High)

Probe Fail



  1. Heater power – 650 Watt
  2. Examination light – 9 watt
  3. Power cable length – 3 meter
  4. Fuse used – 4 Amperes
  5. Power source – 220 volt Ac/50 Hz
  6. Set temp range
  7. Skin: 32 degrees to 38 degrees
  8. Resolution: 0.1 degree
  9. Accuracy: 0.2 degree 


Skin:32 degrees to 38 degrees

Resolution:0.1 degree

Accuracy:0.2 degree


Heater Module
The radiant energy is directed by the parabolic reflectors on
the infant. The radiant energy can be controlled either
manually or by mean of skin temp sensor which controls the
radiant energy to maintain a selected skin temperature.

When operated in manual control mode, the controller
permits the operator to adjust the heat output of the heater
module from zero to maximum settings. During the manual
mode a patient probe can be used to monitor the skin
temperature. When operated in skin temperature control mode,
the controller utlizes a skin temperature probe connected in between the controller
input and the infant to automatically adjust the heat output of the heater module to
maintain a selected preset skin temperature. Up and down switches permit adjustment
of skin temp set point and a digital display provides temperature read out.

Examination light
Dazzle-free observation light for examination of the infant.
Dual side swivel heater provided access for x-ray and other procedure.

Apgar timer
Apgar mode is used to take the infant Apgar score within speciñed time.
e Apgar mode is to start and stop, just press Apgar switch.

Each time the unit is turned on, an automatic test sequence is initiated to verify that
the visual display and the audible alarms are functional. Alarms are provided for high
and low skin temperature. 

Set point (high)
If the temp sensed by the skin probe is 0.5 degree above the set temperature, a high set point
alarm will occur after a delay of 10 second. The audible portion of the alarm can be silenced by
depressing the alarm mute switch. However the visual indicator will continue. If the condition
is not corrected within 20 sec the audible alarm will resume. When the alarm condition is
corrected, the circuit will reset.

Set point (low)
If the set temperature sensed by the skin probe is 0.5 degree less than the set point, a low
set point alarm will occur after a delay of 10 seconds.

Probe fail
During skin control mode, if the skin temp probe is open short or un-plugged, the probe
failure alarm will indicate the baby temperature display and the heater will be turned off.
This alarm cannot be rest until the alarm condition is corrected.

Modes of Operation:-

Servo mode
In this mode infant temperature is sensed with the help of a skin temperature probe. The
heater power is automatically controlled so that infant temperature lies in the desired
range. This is set by the user.

Manual mode
In this mode, we can manually set the power of the heater ranging from 10 percent to 100

Air mode
In this mode we used the special thermistor probe which has the ability to measure the air
temperature near the infant.
In mode control unit continuously measures the air temperature with the help of air probe
and sets the heater power. This helps to achieve the set temperature as required by the