Neotherm™ is cooling system used to treat Newborn Babies born with Birth Asphyxia ,a state when Baby is deprived of enough oxygen.

NEOTHERM™- Neonatal
Full-Body Cooling System

Baby Infant Incubator provides the atmosphere just like Mother's Womb for Newborn Premature Babies.

Baby Incubators

Multiple Stands

Jaundice is caused by elevated Levels of Bilirubin in the Blood (hyperbilirubinemia).Led Phototherapy is a Medical Device developed to treat Jaundice in Newborn Babies.

Bilismart + LED

Cerebral Function Monitor “Encephalan-CFM”

Bilistick Bilirubin

Bilistick® System


MBJ20 Jaundice Detector

Cold Light _VNG Mohali

Truescan T-2000 Transilluminator

Vein Finder

Enmind VV-100 Vein Viewer

Dream -Warmer

Dream Warmer

VNG -Infant Resuscitator

Infant Resuscitator

Warming System