FAQ Question's

  1. What type of devices are used in neonatal intensive care units?

    Devices such as; Radiant Warmers, Oxygen hoods, Neonatal blood-pressure monitors, Heart monitors, etc. Neonatal devices are also known as NICU equipment.

  2. What does a Neonatal specialist do?

    Pediatrician doctors or neonatologists provide neonatal health care to a newborn or infants. They have specialized in providing a diagnosis of infections, breathing problems, or any newborn’s health issues.

  3. What type of products or services does VNG Medical provide?

    VNG Medical is a NICU equipment manufacturer. Our team is dedicated to facilitating the best maternal and neonatal care.

  4. What is an infant radiant warmer?

    A radiant warmer for a newborn is a device used to provide neonatal warming. It is also known as radiant warmer, neonatal radiant warmer, and radiant warmer machine.

  5. What are birth asphyxia and its treatment?

    Birth asphyxia is a disorder when a newborn does not receive enough oxygen. This may happen during, before, or just after birth. One of the successful treatments is cooling therapy for birth asphyxia.

  6. Which device provides cooling therapy for infants?

    Neotherm Machine is a device of VNG Medical. It helps to treat newborns suffering from neonatal asphyxia.

  7. What are the causes of neonatal Jaundice?

    Neonatal Jaundice can be caused by breast milk; signs of high bilirubin in newborn’s blood are also a reason that leads to Jaundice.

  8. What is neonatal jaundice treatment?

    There are many treatments for neonatal Jaundice. One of them is phototherapy, and it is a scientifically proven treatment. VNG Medical has a “BiliSmart Double Surface LED Phototherapy” device for the said treatment.

  9. What is the Jaundice detection device offered by VNG Medical?

    There are two devices for the same; Bilistick System and Jaundice Detector MBJ20.

  10. Why is neonatal brain monitoring required?

    Cerebral function monitoring in neonates is required to record brain activities to detect disorder if any. Any brain-related problems should be detected timely to provide immediate treatment.

  11. What is BERA Screening or bera test for hearing?

    BERA stands for ‘Brain Stem Electric Response Audiometry’. Through this test, doctors detect hearing loss in newborns early.

  12. What do OEM Medical device manufacturers do?

    OEM Medical equipment Companies produce, innovate, design, and develop devices.