VNG Medical Innovation System is delighted to invite you to the Medical Conference and Product Display at Kerala IAP Neocon from 26th May to 29th May 2022

Installation in Neotherm

Installation for Neotherm™ whole-body cooling system successfully done at Salem Polyclinic Hospital (Tamil Nadu)

Donation In Government

Donation In Government Multi Specialty Hospital (GMSH)-Sector 16 From Nani Jaan Foundation/United Way Of Bengaluru through Cardio Care

VNG-Hello Paul

VNG Medical is pleased to announce that we have added a new high-tech product to our wide product range.

Hello Paul

Hello Paul is a high emotion simulator, developed by Dr. Jens Schwindt and his team. Dr. Schwindt is a Neonatologist.

Hello Paul is a simulation device with natural skin textures and accurate facial features. As a result, under challenging settings, a newborn can be delivered and the umbilical chord can be stimulated. Anyone can shoot videos from various perspectives using the simulator’s video system for subsequent playback for better understanding.


  • External and internal anatomical structures that are extremely lifelike.
  • Paul also has actual hair.
  • Correct breathing patterns are also important (pathological and physiological).
  • He is standard 35 centimetres.
  • Paul was born prematurely in the 27th week of pregnancy.
  • Paul is only about 1000 grams.


Meet Paul’s Family

Dr. Jens and his team is the family of Paul.

“Our mission at SIMCharacters is to improve the quality of care for critically ill preterm and newborn babies by advancing the realism and effectiveness of training simulators.”

Dr. Jens-Christian Schwindt

SIMCharacters CEO and Neonatologist

Agenda for the meeting:

Introduction and demonstration of the device Dream Warmer.

A collaboration with Dr. Anne Hansen, she is the genius mind behind this device, and she will be joining us at the meeting to demonstrate about the device with VNG Medical.

 Dr. Anne Hansen is the Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Associate Chief of the Division of Newborn Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital.

 VNG Medical invites you to join this event and honor us with your meaningful presence. We have always worked to uphold our values “EVERY NEWBORN LIFE MATTERS”.



Dr. Hansen and her team developed a reusable warmer that operates similarly to a heating pad.

Main features:

  • Affordable and available at low cost.
  • No electricity required for its operation.
  • This device can maintain skin temperature for about 6 hours.


16th February 2022


(0:5 – 5:30 pm)

Zoom Meeting Link:

 We are awaiting your gracious presence!

Thank You!