Radient Warmer

Warming System

The baby or infant warming systems are crucial to provide baby with a required temperature. Because infant in unable to regulate its body temperature.

Cooling System

Neonatal body cooling system is used to treat hypothermia in a newborn. It is an effective treatment practiced worldwide. We have Neotherm and Miracradle..

Jaundice Care

Jaundice care equipment are very essential for neonates. Jaundice is a very common disease that is faced by infant. Treatment is vital, Illness can be fatal

Maternal Care For Neonatal

Maternal Care

Maternal Care is provided to a baby just after his/her birth. These devices are used in a pediatrician's clinic or in the hospital or in NICU wards.

Respiratory care

Device/equipment for respiratory care is needed in the NICU wards. Babies are not able to recover on their own if they are suffering respiratory collapse

SPO2 Sensors

SPO2 Sensors

SPo2 sensor cables are a vital part of neonatal care. We offer Nellocor SPo2 sensor extension and Masimo SPo2 sensors.

Pulse Oximeter Sensor

Pulse Oximeter Sensor

We offer four types of pulse oximeter cables. Neonatal ear clip, Pediatric silicon soft-tip, Neonatal Y-wrap and Pediatric-clip.

Medical Equipment Accessories


We provide a wide range of medical accessories for example; pulse Oximeter, NIBP Cuffs, monitoring cables, batteries, Monitor stand and other equipment.


VNG offers Wall mounted stands, Syringe pump stands and Monitor stand (with basket). All these are made of medical-grade raw material.

Neonatal Brain Monitoring

Brain monitoring is vital to track illnesses such as; Perinatal asphyxia, Low cerebral perfusion, Perinatal asphyxia, paroxysmal brain activity and ischemic strokes