My Neotherm Whole Body Neonatal Cooling system is not working properly,What to do?

1.Solution(Power Failure):-

Before Using our NEOTHERM™ -NEONATAL FULL BODY COOLING SYSTEM, make sure our Neonatal product is connected to active power supply.If not connected NEOTHERM™ -NEONATAL FULL BODY COOLING SYSTEM will not work properly.However if there is a power cut in between the use ,then you can start the Process where you left off under restart from power failure mode.

2.Soluton(Check Cable Connection):-

There can also be a possibiliy that your cable connection of NEOTHERM™ -NEONATAL FULL BODY COOLING SYSTEM is loose.Make sure cables are tightly/properly connected.Also check the connection for RECTAL PROBE and SKIN PROBE cable of the Neonatal.

My NEOTHERM™ Whole Body Neonatal Cooling system Keep alarming without starting the process ,What to do

1.Solution(Rectal Probe):-

Rectal Probe is mode user interface  so that user know if temperature is in between the standard range or not.If the rectal Probe is not attached to the body of the baby before starting the process it will keep on Beeping again & again.Make sure the Rectal Probe is inserted from 3-5 cm in rectum of the baby.If not so the Alarm keeps on Beeping continuously signing as temperature not Moderated.

2.Solution(Temperature Probe):-

There can be situations that temperature card in the machine is defected one which is very less to happen ,Because our Manufacturer official and the technician’s duty is to make sure that each and every part of your machine is in 100% working condition ,if not or the card must be destroyed due use of excess or using it for long period of time.In this situation call our brand to replace the same and charges will be immersed in accordance to terms and condition policy provided to you at the time of delivery.There could be another situation ,Before starting the process make sure you have entered the mandatory fields in the Neonatal’s display screen i.e. Temperature set, duration set. Without Regulating these fileds the NEOTHERM™ -NEONATAL FULL BODY COOLING SYSTEM will not start working.