TRUESCAN Model T-2000 Transilluminator

The device Cold Light ‘TRUNESCAN’T200 helps find veins to diagnose Pneumothorax in a newborn. The device is safe and easy to use.

The TRUNESCAN’T-200 is a small transilluminator with Maximum light output. Professionals can easily use this cordless device to detect veins by finding perfect contrast between veins and organs. The device’s light spectrum is designed to provide precise contrast for the human eye.



TRUESCAN Model T-2000 Transilluminator

 What Is Pneumothorax?

Pneumothorax – A collection of air in the pleural cavity, located in the mediastinum or along the visceral pleura. Therefore, reason for this may caused by trauma, infection, or iatrogenic causes. Also, it may occur within the first few hours of life in neonates due to respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS), and congenital heart disease.

Measurement of the Cold Light of the Day

  • Firstly, light pipe (fiber optic): 1.25 meters long and has an exit tip of 8.73mm.
  • Secondly, dimensions of the box: 13cm x 7.9cm x 5.5cm
  • lastly, weight: 495 grams.

Features of Fiber optic cable

  • Tips made of stainless steel (medical grade).
  • And reinforce exit tip with strain relief.
  • Silicone enclosed quartz silica glass fiber optic light pipe
  • The light port is boxed in high-quality Delrin plastic.
  • Also, easy to sanitize with any hospital-grade cleaner.
  • And with each unit purchased P101, fiber optic cable’s included. 

Enclosure The Cold light of The Day

  • Firstly, screws made of stainless steel.
  • Secondly, rubber feet (Mil-Spec).
  • Lastly, the body of the unit is made of 100% Aluminum.


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