Disposable Electrosurgical Pencil

  • Pen-like shape with a tip, handle, and connecting cable for electrical heating.
  • Use Radio Frequency Alternating Current (RFAC).
  • Compatible with most braided electrode tips.
  • Uncompromised cut performance through a variety of procedures.
  • Slim, tapered, ergonomic design allowing maximum precision.
  • Variation in electrode tips available for the desired effect.

What is the Disposable Electric Surgical Pencil?

Disposable Electrosurgical Pencil used during common surgical operations to cut and cauterize human tissue, and consists of a pen-like shape with a tip, handle, and connecting cable for electrical heating.

RFAC Technology

Electrosurgical pencils use Radio Frequency Alternating Current (RFAC) and are compatible with most braided electrode tips due to their universal size connector. 

Use Of The Disposable Electric Surgical Pencil

All disciplines of surgery make use of ESU pencils due to their uncompromised cut performance through a variety of procedures like- Cardiothoracic, Neurological, Gynaecological, Orthopaedic, Cosmetic, and as well as certain Dental Procedures.

Salient Features

The slim, tapered and also ergonomic design allows maximum precision to the surgeon facilitating the efficacy of the procedure.

Waveform Alteration For Various Techniques

The desired effect can also be controlled by the surgeon by altering the waveforms in order to perform the following procedures:

  1. Desiccation- used for minimally invasive surgical procedures
  2. Fulguration- coagulates the tissue over a wide area
  3. Cutting- divides the tissue with electric sparks. Thus that focus great heat at a target area

Variation in the Type Of Electrode Tips

These types include:

  1. Blade electrode
  2. Needle electrode
  3. Ball tip electrode
  4. Blunt electrode
  5. Also precision electrode

Use of ESU Pencil With A Disposable Electrosurgical Pad

ESU pencil used with a disposable electrosurgical pad. So that provides a return path for high-frequency electrical current to the electrosurgical generator.

Importance Of Disposable Electrosurgical Pad

It has been developed to solve the excessive heating problem with high-power RF (radiofrequency) generators and electrosurgical units, leading to serious burns on the patient’s skin as a result of extended exposure.



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