Dream Warmer is a low-cost and non-electric mattress. It operates similarly to a heating pad. A phase change material is used to manufacture the warmer, which changes from liquid to solid at skin temperature. Wax-based plastic-encased mattresses are placed in a thermos of hot water for around thirty minutes until the wax melts and then into insulating sleeves.



  • Its unique design makes it easy for medical staff and parents to access the baby since there is no fabric attached.
  • Also, wash it easily with hands even in environments where diapers or washing machines are unavailable.
  • In addition to the mattress, the insulating pad and thermos contain simple instructions so that even those with limited literacy abilities to understand them.
  • Also, used in the delivery room for neonatal resuscitation, home, or transportation to a higher level of care. It can be used for neonatal resuscitation in the delivery room.

Whole Kit Of Dream Warmer Consist Of:

  • A Backpack (for portability)
  • An Insulating sleeve for protection
  • A Thermos with lid
  • A Mattress made with phase change material. A built-in orange temperature indicator.

Procedure To Use:

(Adequate temperature for the procedure is 36.5 degrees)

  • Put the rolled phase change material inside the thermos.
  • Now, fill the thermos with the hot water (boiled up to 100 degrees)
  • Wait for approximately 30 minutes, until the solid wax turns to liquid.
  • After that, take out the phase change material dry it with the use of a towel, and then place it inside the insulating sleeve.
  • Then, wait for approximately 15 minutes, until the temperature indicator becomes solid.

Meet The People Who Developed Dream Warmer:

The Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Anne Hansen, is also the Associate Chief of the Division of Newborn Medicine. Doctor Hansen and her colleagues have developed the Dream Warmer mattress to prevent and treat neonatal hypothermia in societies with little access to medical care. 

Her team extensively tested this medical device in Rwanda, and results demonstrate its safety, effectiveness, and readiness for wider application.


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