Neo + Life 1005​

Neo + Life 1005​ is a lightweight, easily transportable incubator only two care providers are needed to
handle it. The design of the Neo+ Life 1005 incubator is very flexible i.e. can be easily entered in any
The single-piece infant bed and the interior of the transport incubator can easily be dismantled,
accessible and cleanable after every therapy just with little effort.
The multi-position restraining strap holds the infant securely during transport



  • High Temperature: Skin and
  • Air Alarms
  • Probe Failure
  • Heater Failure alarm
  • Airflow Alarm
  • Low DC Alarm
  • Power failure 

Performance Characteristics:

    Performance Characteristics :
  • Temperature Set Range : 32 deg C -39 deg C
  • Temp Variability: 1.0 deg C
  • Temp uniformity: 1.0 deg C
  • Air Filter: removes airborne particles & and dust


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