Cerebral Function Monitor “Encephalan-CFM”

  • Tracks the activity of the brain and represents in the form of EEG trends
  • Much efficient than EEG study in tracking dynamic brain activity
  • Helpful in order to screen neurological conditions and treat them at the earliest
  • Available in 2 versions- mobile version and portable version
  • Compact and easy to assemble
  • Analyses and predicts the neurological outcome by monitoring various areas of the brain
  • Sales package including EEG equipment and extra accessories


What Is Encephalan-CFM?

Encephalan-CFM is a cerebral function monitor. It tracks brain activity. It also provides a complete and accurate assessment. Furthermore, it also eases the process of diagnosis for the clinicians.

Limitations Of Using Short-Term EEG 

Short-term EEG study is not effective in tracing the changes in brain activity. Hence, Encephalan-CFM makes use of EEG.

Amplitude Integrated Electroencephalography And EEG Derivations 

Continuous EEG monitoring is easy. However short-term EEG tracking is difficult. It tracks brain activity and displays it in the form of:

  • Amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (an EEG) trends
  • Compressed spectrum and
  • Other CNS quantitative parameters

Activity tracking is by calculating and comprehending the signals received via EEG readings.

Screening Of Ailments And Other Conditions Using Encephalon 

Continuous analysis assists in the diagnosis and screening of various conditions. For instance:

  • Perinatal asphyxia (In other words loss in oxygen saturation) and associated brain damage
  • Epileptiform activity and such cases in neonatology
  • Neurophysiological control in ischemic strokes
  • Unconscious post-comatose states
  • Low cerebral perfusion
  • And paroxysmal brain activity (As a result it may cause sensory-motor and cognitive dysfunctions in infants).

Functioning Of Encephalan-CFM

The device detects and differentiates between the an EEG patterns.

Because an EEG pattern characteristics are distinct in normal and abnormal brain states. Also, altered electrical activity is observed.

AEEG Patterns And Monitoring Neurological Conditions

These patterns help in the identification and diagnosis of neurological conditions. Specifically:-

  • Hypoxic-ischemic disorders and their severity
  • Uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain (usually, signs of seizure activity)
  • Epileptiform convulsions and associated conditions
  • Dynamics of the functional areas of the cerebrum and other associated areas

Also, predicts the neurological outcome of the brain upon drug administration.

Different Monitoring Modes In Encephalan-CFM

The CFM monitor functions upon three application modes. In brief:

  1. Telemetric (wireless interface technology Bluetooth®)
  2. Autonomous (In other words recording data onto the memory card – Holter-type)
  3. And finally autonomous-telemetric (data backup is on the patient transceiver-recorder during telemetric registration)

Encephalan-CFM Available Variants

In addition to the high-end technology, Encephalan-CFM is also available in invariants. Namely:

  • Portable version
  • Mobile versions

Subsequently, making its compactness a heavy asset.

Encephalan-CFM Mobile Version

The mobile version consists of:

  1. A computer
  2. A monitor (to display information)
  3. A printer (to document the monitoring results)
  4. A video equipment kit (for synchronized video monitoring)
  5. And lastly stored components (autonomous patient transceiver-recorder, additional devices, sensors, gel, and accessories)

Subsequently, lodging all these onto a trolley allows for an accessible application.

Encephalan-CFM Portable Version

For the portable version, the required equipment and similarly a laptop fits in a bag.

Available Sales Package in Encephalan-CFM

The sales package includes, specifically:

  1. Autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-5
  2. Doctor’s PC, “Encephalan-CFM” Software”
  3. Wireless pulse oximeter set-up
  4. EEG electrodes
  5. Extra accessories



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