Miracradle-Neonates Cooler

  • Passive Cooling System With PCM Technology
  • Fit For Use In Neonatal Care Wards And Hospital
  • Minimal Manual Supervision Required
  • No Requirement Of A Constant Electricity Supply
  • Easy To Use, Light-Weight And Portable
  • Very Affordable Passive Cooling


What Is MiraCradle–Neonates Cooler®?

Miracradle-Neonates Cooler, Neonates require proper body temperature regulation in order to maintain a healthy state. However, in their early years, neonates are unable to perform this on their own and require assistance. Accordingly, to combat this problem, Neonate Cooler MiraCradle® is a solution devised by VNG Medial.

Introducing MiraCradle-Neonates Cooler An Innovative Approach By VNG Medical And CMC Vellore

Composed of a rotomolded plastic structure and a conduction mattress, MiraCradle® is one of its kind insulated cradles. It has been developed by Pluss® in collaboration with CMC Vellore in order to treat neonates suffering from birth asphyxia in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Phase Change Material (PCM)

MiraCradle® incorporates the advanced savE® phase change material (PCM) technology in order to induce therapeutic hypothermia. The transfer of heat between the baby and the PCM takes place because of the gel bed conduction mattress under the infant. Subsequently, this enhances temperature control and provides a comfortable environment for the infant.

Coordination And Functioning Between The Layers Of The Device

The device regulates temperature through 3 layers of thermal interface material. Namely:

  • Gel Conduction Mattress Bed,
  • save FS-29 and
  • savE® FS-21

save® FS-29 Miracradle-Neonates Cooler

This is the second layer of the device. It is mainly activated in order to maintain the achieved desired temperature for a sustained time interval.

savE® FS-21 Miracradle-Neonates Cooler

This is the third and bottom-most layer of the device. It mainly functions in order to extract heat from the neonate and achieve a temperature of 37⁰C. It also works in conjunction with savE® FS-29 in order to maintain these conditions.

Specifications of Miracradle-Neonates Cooler:

  • Easy To Use, Light-Weight And Portable
  • Safe And Precise Temperature Control For 33-34.5⁰C Over A Period Of 72Hours
  • Three Units Of savE®FS-29 PCM Placed At The Bottom Of The Cradle
  • Minimal Manual Supervision Required
  • No Requirement Of A Constant Electricity Supply


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