Encephalan-CFM ”Cerebral Function Monitor”

What Is Encephalan-CFM?

Encephalan-CFM is a Cerebral Function Monitoring device. It tracks brain activity and also provides a complete and accurate assessment. Furthermore, easing the process of diagnosis for the clinicians. It also records integrated encephalograms, allowing continuous observations of cerebral activity for prolonged periods.

What is Cerebral Activity?

Cerebral activity is the activity of the cerebrum or the cumulative sum or the activity of all the lobes of the brain. Thus, monitoring this activity allows for a better understanding of basic biology and strengthens our knowledge of associated areas. It is also helpful in diagnosing abnormalities and finding a treatment for the same.

Ways To Monitor Cerebral Activity

There are various methods to monitor this brain activity and those are for instance:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electrocorticography (ECoG)
Cerebral Function Monitor “Encephalan-CFM
Cerebral Function Monitor “Encephalan-CFM

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Out of the above-mentioned techniques, EEG testing is the second-best fMRI in studying brain activity. Because EEG detects abnormal EEG waves with the help of metal disks (electrodes) attached to the patient’s scalp. Also this process is painless and causes almost no discomfort to the patient. However, there are a few disadvantages to it.

Demerits Of Using Short-Term Electroencephalography (EEG)

  • It is hard to pinpoint the source of electrical activity in the brain using EEG waves.
  • EEG scan may be negative in simple and complex partial seizures. Especially those of frontal lobe onset.
  • May also be uninterpretable or difficult to read if movements generate excessive artifact.
  • EEG recording has poor spatial resolution
  • It is also difficult to understand if the source of the signal is on the surface of the brain or the deeper tissues.

Continuous EEG (cEEG) Monitoring

Employing short-term EEG study is now, primitive and ineffective in tracing the changes in brain activity. This has led to the development and use of continuous EEG monitoring.

Amplitude Integrated Electroencephalography And EEG Derivations

Continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring is the gold standard for neonatal brain monitoring. Because it tracks brain activity and displays it in the form of:

  • Amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG) trends
  • Compressed spectrum and
  • Other CNS quantitative parameters

In conclusion, the activity tracking is by calculating and comprehending the signals received via EEG derivations.

This fashion of monitoring is better than normal EEG. It produces clear results which are of prime value in diagnosis.

Advantages Of A Continuous Dynamic Analysis

Continuous dynamic analysis assists in the screening of conditions for instance:

  • Perinatal asphyxia and associated brain damage
  • Epileptiform activity in neonatology
  • Neurophysiological control in ischemic strokes
  • Unconscious post-comatose states
  • Low cerebral perfusion and
  • Paroxysmal brain activity which may lead to sensory-motor and cognitive dysfunctions in infants.

Amplitude Integrated Electroencephalography (aEEG)

aEEG is a useful tool that complements, although not replaces, cEEG.

Amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG) is a bedside neurophysiology tool. It uses a limited number of channels to record raw EEG signal that is then filtered, rectified, processed, and displayed on a semilogarithmic amplitude and time-compressed scale.

aEEG has a prognostic accuracy within several hours after birth.

Early Diagnosis Of Abnormal Brain Activity

In most countries with developed healthcare, generally cerebral functional abnormalities are monitored for every suspected newborn. So, to start the monitoring, 4 electrodes are placed on the patient’s head. The touchscreen interface of the monitor allows control without a keyboard and a mouse.

Functioning Of Encephalan-CFM

Since aEEG pattern characteristics are distinct in normal and abnormal brain states. The electroencephalography machine detects and differentiates between the aEEG patterns. Also, an altered electrical activity observed.

Detectable Characteristic Features

These features are similar to those used in conventional EEG interpretation and are:

  • Amplitude criteria
  • Continuity and discontinuity
  • Presence of sleep-wake cycling

Classification Of The aEEG

Based on the above-mentioned features and voltage-based criteria, the aEEG is classified as:

  • Normal
  • Moderately Abnormal
  • Suppressed

AEEG Patterns And Monitoring Neurological Conditions

All the recorded patterns are color-coded for easy interpretation. Thus, these patterns help in the identification and diagnosis of neurological conditions. Specifically:

  • Hypoxic-ischemic disorders and their severity
  • Uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain (Moreover usually, signs of seizure activity)
  • Epileptiform convulsions and associated conditions
  • Dynamics of the functional areas of the cerebrum and other associated areas

Ease Of Diagnosis Using aEEG

Due to its ease of application and interpretation, neonatologists, nurses, or other Intensive Care Nursery (ICN) staff can interpret the results without input from a neurologist. This helps in building up the experience and confidence of the medical staff, making them more efficient in the field.

It surpasses conventional EEG monitoring and is now a fast-growing, universally accepted technology.

Advantages Of aEEG

aEEG is most useful in showing evaluation over several days. Because of its high sensitivity and specificity, an accurate assessment can be done on data collected over several hours. All this can be carried out by convenient means of a single screen. Encephalan-CFM is the best alternative for this purpose.

Different Monitoring Modes In Encephalan-CFM

The CFM monitor functions upon three application modes explained here in brief:

1. Telemetric (wireless interface technology Bluetooth®)

2. Autonomous (recording data onto the memory card – Holter-type)

3. Autonomous-telemetric (data backup is on the patient transceiver-recorder during telemetric registration)

Above all modes allow for efficient detection and documentation of brain activity. Subsequently, making the diagnosis and treatment easier for the patient as well as the healthcare provider.

Synchronous Video Recording

Synchronous video recording with an ongoing EEG and aEEG trend along with SpO2 and ECG. So that, it allows for an exact diagnosis in complex cases where visual interpretation of trends is ambiguous. This is active in screening out underlying conditions and handing a very effective diagnosis.

Cerebral Function Monitor “Encephalan-CFM”
Cerebral Function Monitor “Encephalan-CFM”

Encephalan-CFM Available Variants

In addition to the high-end technology, Encephalan-CFM is also available in invariants. Namely:

  • Portable version
  • Mobile versions

Subsequently, making its compactness a heavy asset.

Portable Version – Encephalan-CFM

For the portable version, the required equipment and the laptop fit in a bag. Moreover, this adds to the convenience of the user as it saves space and is portable.

Encephalan-CFM – Mobile Version

The mobile version is including of:

1. A computer

2. A monitor (to display information)

3. A printer (to document the monitoring results)

4. A video equipment kit (for synchronized video monitoring)

5. Also, stored components (autonomous patient transceiver-recorder, additional devices, sensors, gel, and accessories)

Subsequently, all these are lodged onto a trolley for an accessible application. Thus this makes it easier to move the system as needed.

Available Sales Package – Encephalan-CFM

The sales package includes:

1. Autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-5

2. Doctor’s PC, “Encephalan-CFM” Software”

3. Wireless pulse oximeter module

4. EEG electrodes

5. Also extra accessories

Encephalan-CFM- An Ideal Choice Of Equipment

All in all, Encephalon-CFM is an ideal choice functionally and economically. By monitoring the brain activity, it provides a chance for early diagnosis and treatment.

The usage of Amplitude Integrated Electroencephalography (aEEG) makes Encephalon-CFM a very effective tool. In addition this in the equipment set offers a fulfilling experience to the medical staff. It also promotes the individual understanding of the staff as the results are easy to interpret.

The portability is reflected in the 2 available versions. CFM is fairly easy to move and handle. Therefore making its accommodation and maintenance very simplified.

The sales package also comes with considerable benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Quality Assurance From VNG Medical

We at VNG Medical are committed to bringing our customers high-end medical technology. Encephalon-CFM is another capable product that has excellent output in terms of medical assistance.

All the provided equipment is check for utmost quality and functionality.

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