Bilistick® System

The Bilistick® System is a pointof care bilirubin assay able to provide early early diagnosis of hyperbilirubinemia by measuring total serum bilirubin concentration .

It is composed of the Bilistick® Reader , a portable  rechargeable battery reflectance reader , Bilistick® Test Strips with a cell-plasma separator cassette; and Bilistick® Sample Transfer Pipettes, used for loading the appropriate volume of blood in the test strip.

The test requires collection of a small blood sample directly from a heel stick or a test tube , by using a Sample Transfer Pipette,and its application on a Test Strip once it was already inserted in the reader.

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  • Portable  & Usable
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Immediate results
  • Wide Range of PCV
  • Neonatal Care
The Bilistick® System has been extensively validate both in Western Countries as well as in Low and Middle Income Countries, covering different environments and condition in which it can be used around the world.
By comparing Bilistick® bilirubin results with classic methodologies routinely used in high quality laboratories of hospitals, it has been demonstrated an excellent correlation of bilirubin results.
Several studies supports the use of Bilistick® System for routine Total Serum Bilirubin screening. It may facilitate early identification of newborns requiring phototherapy treatment thus contributing to substantial reduction of the prevalence of ABE/kernicterus in LMICs.

1.Sample Features:

Sample Type:- Newborn Infant Whole Blood

Sample Size:-35μL

Hematocrit:- 25-70%

2.Bilistick Reader:

Units:- mg/dL and μmol/L

Range:- 1 mg/dL to 40 mg/dL  & 17.1 μmol/L to 684.0  μmol/L

Measure System:- Photometric based in two wavelength at 465 nm and 570nm

Resolution:-  ± 0.1 mg/dL / 1.0 μmol/L

Repeatablity:- Over 25 mg/dL: Within ±0.6 mg/dL / 10 μmol/L

Test Time:-m < 2 minutes depending on hematocrit

Sensors:- Optical Sensor

Optical Filters:- Glass protection inside inside the optical chamber

Calibration:- Standard for periodic calibration

Blank self-calibration after Test Strip isertion

Hemolysis:- Automatic System for Hemolysis Detection

Results Report:- Color display,dimension 36.0 x 29.0 mm

Interface : Mini B-USB Port

Operating Conditions:-  Temperature: 15° to 40° C

Storage Conditions:- 10° C to 40° C low humidity,non-corrosive gas atmosphere.

Long-term Storage:- 1. In case of long-term Storage, store the reader at 15-25° C,low humidity,non-corrosive atmosphere.

2.When storing the reader for a period longer than six months,charge the battery at least once at a moment.

Power supply:-Mini B USB-DC 5V-0.5A-2.5W

Charging Conditions:-

Average Charging time: 4 hours (while no bilirubin test are been performed )

Charging Temperature:- 15-40° C (Recommended 15-25° C)

Dimensions:- 31.3 mm H x 72.9 mm W x 140 mm D

Net Weight:- 220 gr.

Shipping Weight:- 760 gr.

3.Power Supply:

Power supply:- USB-DC 5V-1.5A-7.5W

UL Certificated Accessory

USB Cable:- Type A -Mini B(5Pin)M/M USB 2.0

4.Bilistick Test Strips:

Cell-Plasma Separator:- Glass fiber

Reading Membrane:- Nitrcellulose

Plastic Cassette:- High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

Dimensions:- 3.70 mm H x 15.00 mm W x 48.65 m D

Net Weight:- 1.86 gr.

5.Bilistick Sample Transfer Pipettes:

Composition:- Plastic and Glass

Total Length:- 70.00 ± 0.20 mm\

Glass Tube Diameter:- 1.60 ± 00.02 mm

Drawing Capacity:- 35.00 ± 2.00 μL


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