• The  Vein Finder-ENMIND – A medical device capable of scanning your veins through the surface of your skin. The Vein Viewer device is a small handheld tool that allows medical practitioners to locate the veins in the human body without invasive procedures.
  • Therefore, it’s considered an effective and safe way to locate veins within seconds. Also, it helps to find veins for IVs, surgery, or treatment without feeling around. Thus, the device claims that it helps with treatment by better visualizing where exactly injections are going when administering.

 Ideal Patient Group For The Device:

  1. Firstly, patients with obesity  
  2. Pediatric patients
  3. Patients who inject drugs
  4. And darker skin toned patients 
  5. Geriatric patients
  6. Hairy patients 
  7. Lastly, oncology patients

Features of Vein- Finder

  • Light-weight (350 grams) and portable
  • The device designed to be user-friendly, with 10 different options for display color.
  • Simple to use with DLP display (1.3’’).
  • Three display modes available; enhance, inverse, and primary mode.
  • Also, the device used either in the mobile stand or fixed support.
  • Lastly, three image sizes available for adult, pediatric, and neonates.

Specification of Vein -FINDER

  • The net weight of the device: 350 grams
  • The infrared wavelength: 850nm
  • Dimensions: 21.2 x 6.6 x 6.5cm
  • Also, the image size can be viewed in Small, Medium, and large.
  • Image resolution: 856*480 pixels.
  • Brightness to be adjusted to Low (L), Medium (M), and High (H).
  • Vein size that will be visible: > or equal to 1 mm.
  • Rechargeable battery with 3000 mAh havin2-hours battery life.
  • And image distance (optimal): 15 to 25 cm


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