hello paul
hello paul


Hello Paul -High Emotion Simulation thus it Goes Beyond the Manikin

Integrated Annotations

Data collected from learner interactions with Paul, such as intubation, UVC insertion, and chest compressions. When combined with your custom annotations and automatically recorded into Paul’s debriefing log. Your simulation program also owns the SIMStation® debriefing system. And all of Paul’s log files immediately transferred to your debrief room and ready for review.

3D Animated Control

A crowded Resuscitaire may block your camera’s view of the depth and rate of chest compressions. Thus, Paul’s animated GUI displays synchronized graphical representations of learner actions as they happen. Watch compressions happen on your control tablet in 3D as they happen on Paul. Another innovative SIMCharacters feature never seen before in the healthcare simulation industry.

Simple Programming

Programming scenarios for Paul doesn’t require a separate application or complicated training. Because it simply create and quicksave the desired patient state.
Easily chain quicksaves together with time modifiers and create new scenarios in under five minutes.

Completely Wireless

Paul works wirelessly over Wi-Fi between the included simulator, control tablet, and patient monitor. Continuously use Paul while he rests on top the charging station concealed below the sheet. Or pick up and hold Paul for an impressive hour and a half of battery use.

Hello Paul : Product Description


Paul is the first high emotion and the most realistic simulation. Thus, it resembles a premature baby born in the 27th week of pregnancy. Also, Paul provides preterm simulator features, including an artificial larynx based on accurate preterm MRI scans, breathing patterns, and internal and external structures. It has realistic capabilities.



  • The upper airway anatomy is highly detailed, making it valuable for practicing endotracheal intubation
    and neonatal care strategies.
  • Problems were specific to preterm infants with respiratory disorders for example; (RDS, BPD), necrotizing
    enterocolitis, cyanosis, and hyperoxia.
  • Similarly to enable realism, it is completely wireless.
  • Simple programming and 3D animated control for ease of use.
  • Proper Sensors therefore provides smooth working
  • Automatic functions, for example, detection of tube position during intubation.
  • It can also, change the layout screen and change the monitor parameters to wirelessly display your choice’s curve
    position and color.
  • Data collection during the interaction.

The Story of Hello Paul - Premature Baby Simulator From SIMCharacters


Technical Features

  • Based on Realistic and high emotion concept: Weighing 1000 grams and Length 35 cm.
  • Mobile battery lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Sounds audible: Crying, grunting and also fluid (automatic)
  • Respiration system through lungs and breathing (spontaneous) between 0 to 100bpm (just like a normal baby).
  • Pre-programmed symptoms (For example; Responsive Dystonia Syndrome, Borderline Personality Disorder, Neonatal Eczema, and Asphyxiation) Intuitive programming of scenarios and behavior via the Quick Save function.

Features of Paul - Preterm Infant Simulator From SIMCharacters


  • Paul
  • Charging Pad
  • Also a Paul Radio Module
  • USB Wall Adapter
  • Battery Pack
  • Trainer’s Laptop
  • Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Also a stethoscope Radio Module
  • Transport Case
  • Lastly portable Vital Signs Monitor