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Device adds moisture to the surrounding air. They also eliminate dryness that may lead to irritation in many parts of the body

Another addition to the Jaundice Care range from VNG Medical.
MBJ20 is hand-held equipment. It is a convenient and effective way for screening of Neonatal jaundice.
  • Efficient Moisture Control For Easy Breathing
  • Use Of Humidifier Increases The Quality Of Surrounding Air
  • One Of The Best Among The Types Of Humidifiers In The Market
  • Humidification Prevents Spread Of Air Borne Viruses
  • Specifically Important In Operation Theatres And Maternity Wards
  • Helps Ease Symptoms Of Dryness

We at VNG Medical are the certified manufacturers of NICU products.

Join hands with us to shape better healthcare for newborns.
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