Portable Ward SRoom

  • Inhibition of infection spread via air, droplets, and contact
  • Effective air-filtering mechanisms. For purification of microbe contaminated air and isolation of the patient
  • Equipped with true HEPA filters and other filtering mechanisms
  • Multifunctional and compact
  • The strategic design saves space and cost
  • Aids the treatment of patients with respiratory ailments and compromised immune systems, etc.



What Is Portable Ward Sroom?

Portable ward Sroom is an effective isolation system. It provides a clean surrounding for patients and the medical staff. Also, is of great importance especially during surges in respiratory infections including Covid-19.

Portable Ward Sroom And Inhibition Of Infection Spread

The device combats and prevents the various modes of infection transmission. Namely:

  1. Contact (direct/indirect)
  2. Droplet
  3. Airborne

And also displays the predesignated color for the same.

Air Filtering Mechanisms-HEPA Filters

Equipped with HEPA air filters, Sroom has some of the best air purifiers. HEPA air filters deliver air that is clean and free of biological contaminants.

Positive And Negative Pressure Modes

Sroom functions upon a negative pressure mode and a positive pressure mode.

Negative Pressure Mode

The negative pressure mode undertakes the cleaning of the surrounding contaminated air. Furthermore, eliminating the pathogenic microbes in the isolation ward. Thus, this enriches the working conditions of the medical staff and patients. Also, reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

Positive Pressure Mode

The positive pressure mode passes air from Sroom across the hospital isolation wards. It follows a single directional airflow; dissipating it from the opposite end.

Prevention Of Cross-Contamination

The two modes work effectively. Thus, the ward is safe from the entry of particulate matter from external space. So, this makes the ward a safer and cleaner area for the patient and reduces the rate of infection.

Alongside the various technological advancements, Sroom also considers various factors. For instance:

Compact Size And Easy Assembly

  • Because of its compact size, flexible movement, and fast deployment are helpful for accommodation.
  • The air purifier setup requires minimal space. Thus, saves the cost of infrastructure and maintenance of the hospital.
  • Flexibility in assembly. This also makes the device available in many clinical departments and other public areas.

Portable Ward SRoom Multifunctionality

Sroom exhibits multi-functionality and can begin-

  • Differential pressure sensor control system
  • Temperature control system
  • Germ purification via portable HEPA air filters
  • clean and fresh air ventilation
  • emergency power supply control system etc. in a single unit.

Portable Ward SRoom Isolation Of Patients

The differential pressure sensor control system isolates patients. Moreover this includes infected individuals and individuals with a high risk of contamination.

Increased Available Resources and Diagnosis and treatment

Sroom solves the problem of insufficient pressure isolation wards and isolation. So, the result is:

  • Increased availability of effective positive pressure protective isolation
  • Also diagnosis and treatment space for patients.


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