Bilismart Under Surface Phototherapy

Features :-


  • Non-invasive contraption devised to treat neonatal jaundice.
  • Uses special 12 High-Intensity Blue Led lamps with an intensity of 40 UW/cm2/nm with and a lifetime of 45000 hours.
  • Convenient, inexpensive, and compact as compared to blood transfusion.
  • Immediate initiation of detoxification.
  • Counteracts BIND.
  • Most efficient means of administering phototherapy.

What is Bilismart Under Surface Phototherapy?

Bilismart under surface phototherapy is a non-invasive contraption device. It helps to treat neonatal jaundice by eliminating the levels of bilirubin in the infant’s blood. Thus, it uses a process called photo-oxidation.

What Are Phototherapy Treatments?

Phototherapy treatments decrease the bilirubin levels in the blood. Because it changes the trans-bilirubin into a water-soluble cis-bilirubin isomer. Light corresponding to blue color proves to be the most efficient means of administering phototherapy.

Treatment Of Ailments Using Phototherapy

Offsetting conditions such as hyperbilirubinemia in hemolytic. In addition, the condition in non-hemolytic settings treated using phototherapy.

Alternative Means Of Administering Phototherapy

Other measures to implement phototherapy that include the usage of halogen lamps and sunlight. Both of these ways rendered as ineffective. Because, it is inadvisable to expose the infant to these sources for a prolonged time due to the risk of hyperpyrexia and skin burns.


It uses special 12 High-Intensity Blue Led lamps. With an intensity of 40uw/cm2/nm with and a lifetime of 45000 hours. The peak wavelength of the device lies in the range of 40-45 nm. It has maximum power consumption of 35W.

Effectiveness Of Bilismart Under Surface Phototherapy Against BIND

Phototherapy initiated immediately upon indications of bilirubin reaching levels sufficient enough to cause bilirubin-induced brain damage (BIND). However, it can be directed from a distance 10cm.

Course Of Action

The detoxification gets initiated immediately. So, the production of configurational and structural photo-isomers of bilirubin in the skin and precedes the fall in serum bilirubin, eradicating the risk of bilirubin toxicity.

Salient Features Of Bilismart Under Surface Phototherapy

The use of this device under surface phototherapy, significantly reduces the need for exchange blood transfusion. Because it is convenient, inexpensive, and compact (L=460mm, W=290mm, H=50mm). Thus it makes Bilismart an ideal device to use in small hospitals and nursing homes.


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