Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Cuff



  • High quality and excellent working efficiency at reasonable prices
  • Manufactured using environmentally protective materials
  • Non-allergenic (latex-free material)
  • Designed for maximum patient comfort
  • Durable

What is a Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Cuff?

A non-Invasive Blood Pressure Cuff is a device that allows one to take single B.P measurements, STAT measurements, also automatic measurements at repeating pre-selected intervals with the help of a BP measuring machine.

Prevention of Cross-Contamination

Neonatal disposable NIBP cuff proves helpful in hospitals and clinics to counter the issue of cross-contamination. Which also arises upon the usage of reusable NIPB cuffs which are not sterilized or cleaned reasonably.

Durability and Ease of Application

NIBP cuff made using high-quality Non-woven and TPU material and is easy to peel and fix in conjuncture to adhesive hook and loop tapes. Therefore contributing to its durability. 

Environment friendly

Environmentally protective materials used while manufacturing Neonatal disposable NIBP cuff.

Thus it ensures that there is no pollution and saves costs in biomedical waste management.


  • Single & double tube cuff with 50 cm length hose
  • Cuffs with particular connectors to fit major brands monitoring systems
  • Large ion of 13 sizes cuffs matching the different sizes patient
  • Printings in a particular color indicate the cuff sizes.
  • Also latex-free

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Cuff Cost-effective

The device is sterilized and exhibits high quality and excellent working efficiency at reasonable prices. In addition to this, there are different specifications available that allow the device to fit adult pediatrics and infants.


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