Philips ECG Monitoring Cable



  • For long and medium-term ECG monitoring
  • Designed using the finest quality material
  • The safe connection between the electrodes on the patient and the electromedical device
  • Allows the interpreter to see the heart from many different angles
  • Can be connected to various types of functional electrodes
  • Durable

What is an ECG Cable?

Philips ECG Monitoring Cable along with the ECG cable connectors a crucial part of the system used to monitor or diagnose the cardiac electrical signal (ECG). It also allows a safe connection between the electrodes on the patient and the electromedical device.

What is an Electrocardiogram (ECG)?

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is an essential part of the assessment of cardiac patients. ECG is the instantaneously amplified and recorded of some of the electrical activity exhibited by cardiac muscles. Thus upon contraction as a response to their electrical depolarization.

What is an Electrocardiogram (ECG) Used For?

The measurement of this electrical activity of the heart carried out from several leads (viewpoints). However in order to construct a three-dimensional picture of the patient’s cardiac function using vertical and horizontal planes.

Philips ECG Monitoring Cable & Connectivity

Philips ECG monitoring cable facilitates the running of ECG units in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Since the designed used the finest quality material enhancing its optimal functioning and durability. The lead wires also fitted with means of connection (banana pressure plugs or clips) allowing them to connect to various types of functional electrodes.  

Philips ECG Monitoring Cable Size Availability 

The cable’s available in a variety of small and large sizes hence it helps any kind of patient (adult, infant, pediatric, and neonate) for both long and medium-term ECG monitoring in the operating rooms, in Emergency sectors, or in any other discipline requiring the measuring of an ECG.

Maintenance of ECG Cable

The ECG cable material is liable to show a long service life and accurate functioning; however, the service life of cable depends upon parameters including but not limited to the frequency of usage and the state of hygiene maintained while storing.

ECG Cable Storage

When cable not in use, store the ECG cable in its original packaging to prevent any damage that might reduce its lifetime, performance, and/or safety level.

ECG Cable Placement

ECG cable placement should be such that it offered good mechanical resistance to traction and to flexion/bending in order to reduce the risk of damage during use.

Philips ECG Monitoring Cable Cleaning

For ECG cable cleaning, never sterilize the cables and accessories in an “autoclave” using boiling water or steam.


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