Philips Medical Equipment Batteries



  • Lithium-ion technology
  • Rechargeable
  • Manufactured with natural rubber latex
  • CE certified
  • Packaged individually (each package contains one battery weighing 920 kg)
  • Can be used with Philips Healthcare Equipment only

What is a Battery?

Philips Medical Equipment Batteries a collection of one or more cells that undergo chemical reactions to generate a flow of electrons in a circuit is known as a battery. Thus this flow of electrons powers the intended device.

Usage of Batteries in Medical Equipment

Batteries power a diverse array of medical devices, including critical care equipment, cardiovascular devices, pacemakers, ventricular assist systems, drug delivery. In addition a surgical power tools, diagnostics, home monitoring systems, powered prosthetics, and orthotics.

Importance of Medical Device Batteries

Medical device batteries are key in modern health care by powering the devices that allow patients to function more normally by managing and also improving their health or even survive life-threatening ailments.

Critical Care Devices Functioning on Batteries

Majority of the medical devices like Pacemakers, Glucometers, Ventilators, also OT Tables, Surgical Saw, etc.; function on Batteries.

Selection of an Appropriate Battery Type

The type of battery used is an important aspect since it defines the Reliability and Performance of the device. Battery selection during the time of equipment design is made on the basis of the power requirements of the hardware.

Electrical and Physical Characteristics of Batteries


  • Voltage, Backup capacity (mAh)
  • Cost
  • Charging/Discharging Time
  • Life Cycle
  • Dimensions, Weight
  • Also discharge Current

Lithium-ion Technology in Philips Medical Equipment Batteries

Philips medical equipment batteries have lithium-ion technology. These batteries are rechargeable ones and hence, they are reusable as well. They are manufactured with natural rubber latex.

Shelf life and Packaging

These batteries do not have any minimum shelf life. They are packaged individually, that is each package contains one battery and it weighs 920 kg. Furthermore, they are CE certified.

Philips Medical Equipment Usage Guidelines

One thing to keep in mind is that these batteries can be used with Philips Healthcare Equipment only.


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