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New Solution for Isolation and Quarantine – Portable Ward Sroom

Portable Ward Sroom is useful is case of an Infectious diseases. Although its not as frequent as compared to other medical conditions. But they are relatively more serious with their potential effects on the community. In order to control and prevent the spread of infections, it’s necessary to isolate infectious patients from the general population.

Isolate patients, either by using an isolation ward within a hospital or by isolating them in a separate portable ward room. Portable Ward Room are usually foldable rooms fitted with basic equipment for patient examination and treatment with space. Which is an effective solution for isolating and quarantining individuals. This is perfect for isolation and quarantine because not only are these wards portable they are also small in size.

Portable ward rooms are a necessity in any medical facility. Because their purpose is to provide a controlled environment for the treatment of patients. In this article, you will learn about portable hospital rooms and their uses.

What is Portable Ward SRoom

The Portable Ward Room is a portable room for the isolation of patients suspected to have infectious diseases.

Portable Ward Room’s a containment room. Capable of establishing at any place or related site. This product proved as an excellent solution for isolation and quarantine. Because of the personalized housing with climate-controlled environments, lightweight design, and the ability to erect in hours.

Characteristics of Portable Ward SRoom

  • Portable Ward Room is a special room to contain the infectious diseases.
  • It has more than one functions; Used as an isolation room for patient with dangerous, communicable diseases
  • Fully ventilated and air-purifier comes pre-installed
  • Small and easy to install
  • Restricts the spread of virus
  • Temperature control system between 20 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius
  • More than 99.99% of filtration rate
  • Very Cost effective
  • Space and time saving alternative
  • Heating and cooling modes available

How can it restrict the spread of virus?

It is practical and cost-effective isolation and quarantine solution. The suit can be disinfected with complete sterilization, meet the requirements of the food hygiene management. And also it’s lightweight and portable, which ensures that you can take it wherever you need to go.

It prevents cross-contamination because the clean and proper ventilation of air decreases the rate of infection.

Prevents Various Modes of Spread of Infection

There are numerous ways for diseases to spread. Some of the most common modes of transmission include direct contact, droplet infection, and airborne transmission.

  • Direct contact: Most disease-causing microorganisms spread via direct contact with an infected person or animal.
  • Droplet: Those that cause droplets on sneezes or coughs can also be transmitted through indirect contact.
  • Airborne infection: Airborne infections are a rare occurrence but an extremely dangerous way for a disease to spread. Especially in hospital environments where it is easy for airborne pathogens to travel from one patient room to another via air ducts and ventilation systems. A good example is the SARS virus which caused panic

Air-filter Mechanism

The Portable Ward SRoom possesses a unique and innovative design: Able to installed inside another room without compromising the air quality of the outer space.

The isolation structure is also equipped with an air-filter mechanism that provides ample ventilation. It prevents any kind of contamination from entering the inner space

Positive and Negative Pressure Mode

The Portable Ward Room provides a cost-effective means of containing potential airborne pathogens. The portable ward room is designed for both isolation and secure quarantine. Because its secure against airborne pathogens, for up to 12 hours, without the use of active ventilation or air scrubbing.

Positive Pressure Mode

In this mode airflows in a single direction and disappearing fully from the other side. It passes the air from the ward across other quarantine rooms.

Negative Pressure Mode

This mode is for the cleaning of the contaminated air. It also removes the pathogenic microbes present in the room. Isolation ward rooms provide a better environment for the patient. It also reduces the chances of Cross-contamination.

Easy to Assemble and small in size

  • This portable ward room is lightweight
  • Easy and hassle free to assemble and small in size.
  • Flexible and cost saving structure
  • Size of the ward room When unfolded: 2500*2500*2170
  • Size of the ward room when folded: 830*850*1270

Advantages of Portable ward rooms

  • Portable isolation ward are equipped with ventilation system, emergency alarms. And also non-porous flooring that drains liquid waste into a septic tank, and double doors for better protection.
  • Portable ward rooms are a very popular solution for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. They provide the same features as permanent ward rooms but at a fraction of the cost.
  • The portable design makes them easy to install and transport.
  • Fewer people are needed to staff the rooms which cuts down on the cost of operation.
  • Used for Isolation & Quarantine purposes
  • Temperature control system
  • Also, provides proper and regular air ventilation

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