Neonatal Y- Wrap

  • Non-invasive oxygen monitor
  • Applied to the patient’s hand or feet
  • Eradicates the issue of improper readings due to excessive movements in the infant’s fingers
  • Accurate measure to diagnose respiratory conditions
  • Made up of biocompatible material
  • Advantageous over digit sensors when digit access not available

What is a Neonatal Y-Wrap?

Neonatal Y-wrap is an extension to a pulse oximeter. So that provides a routine non-invasive oxygen monitor feature that can be performed at the bedside, giving instantaneous results. 

Accuracy Over Digit Sensors

It is a worthy alternative to digit SpO2 sensors since infants show an articulate movement in their fingers which may impede the readings obtained.

Site Of Application

Neonatal Y-wrap applied to the patient’s hand or feet. So, that it provides accurate oxygen monitoring.

Functioning Principle Behind Neonatal Y-Wrap.  

The sensors contain light-emitting diodes that project infrared light through the tissue. Also some of this light passes through the application site and a light-sensitive detector opposite the light source receives it.

What is SpO2?

The judgment of the affinity of red blood cells to oxygen and the readings (blood oxygen levels) are reported by the connected oximeters through an oxygen saturation measurement called peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, known as SpO2.

Probe Attachment

A probe corresponding to an oximeter can be attached to various portions of the patient’s body. However usually the finger, toe, or earlobe.

Advantage of Neonatal Y-Wrap Over Digit Sensors

It proves to be advantageous over digit sensors in cases where there is a requirement of faster detection of desaturation and re-saturation during low perfusion or when digit access is not possible.

Diagnosis of Respiratory Ailments Using

Accurate measurement of arterial oxygen saturation provides a chance to monitor and diagnose conditions such as acute lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or sleep-related breathing disorders.


Oxygen saturation varies from 0-100% and in healthy adults can range from 94-100%. When numbers below, this may indicate Hypoxia which is an absence of enough oxygen in the tissues to sustain bodily functions (arterial oxygen saturation value below 90% causes hypoxia).

Screening Of Covid-19 Infections Using SpO2 Readings

SpO2 sensor readings are an effective tool in screening out covid-19 cases. Timely medical evaluation warranted when the readings drop below the threshold of 90-92%.



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