RAD-G Pulse Oximeter



  • It has a rechargeable battery.
  • When charged fully, it will provide 24 hours of battery backup.
  • The LCD is provided
  • Best to monitor newborn baby’s pulse and oxygen levels as it meets the requirement of CCHD screening
  • It has a touch display.
  • This device has motion tolerance.
  • High quality and reliable technology
  • This device is clinically and scientifically proven.
  • With the built-in alarming system, the alarm goes off when the oxygen level drops below the safe limits.
  • A smart alarm system that beeps with even slight change in levels
  • Alarms are audible as well as visual.
  • This device is also 6ft fall-proof
  • Device is lightweight
  • The device is slim and sleek, thus, easy for storing purposes.
  • It monitors precise Respiration Rate from the Pleth, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index, and Pleth Variability Index.

Why is the new RAD-G Pulse Oximeter better? 

Do you have an Oximeter? Do you have a RAD-G Pulse Oximeter? In today’s world at home, pulse oximeters have become a necessity. Thus, it is crucial to own a good Pulse oximeter to get precise oxygen and pulse levels.

What is RAD-G Pulse Oximeter

This device works as an oxygen and pulse monitor. It is different from a regular finger pulse ox. It is rechargeable, is a handheld device, and is easy to carry. This device is a hospital-grade oximeter, thus reliable, and it is also a high-quality device that is made to track oxygen levels continuously. Its motion tolerance makes it a perfect match to monitor the oxygen levels of a newborn baby. In addition, it assesses heart rate quickly and helps in rapid decision-making. These oximeters for sale are good for both hospital and home use.

This is a top-notch product with easy accessibility; if you wish to buy a pulse oximeter, consider buying it above all other oximeters for sale in the market; it will be the best buy.

All the features of this oximeter make it unique. It has passed several quality checks. Thus it is compatible with adults, youngsters, and even kids. Operating the oximeter is very easy. Anyone, be it an old age person too can operate it. This is a hospital-grade product. The accuracy of this product is extremely reliable. The oximeter can be a life-saving device when used properly. Coronavirus affects mostly the lungs and respiratory systems in the human body. Oxygen is the base upon which a life is dependent. So, if the alarm goes off at the correct time, it can save thousands of lives. It makes this product far more reliable. The price range of this product is average. That makes it not too expensive, it is just right. The product is pocket-friendly.


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