Baby Bassinets (With Oxygen Cylinder Rack)

  • Rust-Free And Durable Stainless-Steel Framework
  • Lightweight And Easy To Use
  • Economic And Space-Saving Design
  • Immediate And Convenient Oxygen Delivery To Infants In Need
  • Ideal For Hospitals, Clinics And Other Facilities With Limited Accommodation Space
  • Top-Notch Quality, Just Like Other Bassinets Offered By VNG Medical

What Is A Baby Bassinet?

Baby Bassinets are similar to cribs and are specifically designed to serve as a bed for newborns. They provide an economical and space-saving sleeping or resting arrangement for newborns and infants up to 4 months.

Advantage Of A Bassinet Over A Crib

Cribs take up more space as compared to a bassinet. Hence, this feature gives Bassinets an advantage over cribs in terms of accommodation and portability.

Need Of Bassinets In Hospitals

In hospitals, the comfortable accommodation of infants is a very important factor. Especially, a NICU baby requires special care and treatments. For instance, if an infant undergoes respiratory distress, oxygen cylinders should be available at immediate disposal.

Baby Bassinet With Oxygen Cylinder Racks

Considering the need of hospitals for a rapid and also for convenient oxygen delivery method, VNG Medical manufactures top-notch Bassinets With Oxygen Cylinder Racks. These Bassinets prove to be a safe sleeping choice for newborns and are of ideal use in neonate care hospitals, NICU, clinics, and other treatment facilities.

Salient Features of Baby Bassinets:

  1. Stainless-Steel Material
  2. Lightweight
  3. Easy To Use
  4. Nice Quality With A Competitive Price
  5. In addition easy Carrying Of Oxygen Cylinders For Infants Requiring Respiratory Therapy

VNG Medical’s Range Of Baby Bassinets

Specializing in neonatal care, VNG Medical puts forward its sleeping solutions for babies. We offer the following types of Bassinets:

  1. Standard Bassinet
  2. Oxygen Cylinder Rack Bassinet
  3. Luxury Baby Bassinet
  4. Utility Box Bassinet


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