Infant Resuscitator

  • Simple And Flexible Working
  • Supports A Weight Of 10kg
  • Effective Adjustment Of Oxygen Concentration And Flow
  • Alarm System For Constant Monitoring
  • Ideal Device During Emergencies
  • Temporary Breathing Support For Infants


What Is An Infant Resuscitator?

Infant Resuscitator is a respiratory aid device. It uses positive pressure in order to inflate the lungs of an infant in adverse conditions. Hence, the use of this device is common in delivery rooms and baby wards. It revives infants from states of unconsciousness and an absence of breathing and respiration.

Respiratory Distress And Urgent Need For Oxygen

The lungs of neonates are not developed and may need extra support to function. Infants may suffer from respiratory conditions like:


Lung Disease,

Also, respiratory Distress Syndromes, etc.

In such cases, The need for an immediate and effective oxygen delivery system arises.

Functioning Of The Infant Resuscitator

The working of the Infant Resuscitator is simple and also flexible yet a very crucial one. It functions as temporary breathing support for infants experiencing respiratory shut-down. Configuration of the oxygen concentration is by adjusting the proportion of oxygen and air.

Oxygen Concentration

It sustains a weight of 10kg, also provides complete control of the oxygen concentration and flow. This is especially advised to maintain an O2 concentration from 21%-100%. Accordingly, the range of flow adjustments that can be achieved is 5LPM to 15LPM.

Alarm System – Infant Resuscitator

The I.R is also installed with an alarm system. The purpose of this alarm system is to alight due to unusual differential pressures. Following the alarm, the safety valve starts immediately. This safety valve produces a mixture of gases continuously. Ensuring, the safety of the patient and helping them to breathe.

Easy And Effective Operation

The output pressure emitted by the device is irrespective of the operator’s experience, training, attention, and fatigue. Making the Infant Resuscitator an ideal device during emergencies.

Areas Of Use – Infant Resuscitator

It may deliver respiratory help in any medical setting requiring it. Its durable, sturdy design provides an oxygen concentration of up to 100%. Thus it makes this an ideal device to use in:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Neonatal Care Wards
  3. Nursing Homes
  4. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Centres
  5. Delivery Rooms, etc.


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