• Growth Monitoring Device For Infants And Neonates
  • Non-Invasive Method Of Ensuring The Wellbeing Of An Infant
  • Essential To Detect Early Changes In Growth
  • Measurements = 45cm X 30cm
  • Accurately Calibrated Scale
  • Primary Measure To Establish Healthy Development

What Is The Infantometer?

Infantometer is the new addition in the Maternal Care range of VNG Medical. It is a device used to measure the growth of an infant on a scale.

Why Is It Important To Track The Growth Of An Infant?

Measuring the growth of infants is an important part of child health surveillance. Recording this growth helps to establish normal development. It also helps in an early diagnosis of underlying medical problems.

Underlying Health Conditions Related To Abnormal Growth

Always record and plot the growth of an infant against gestational age. Anomalies in these trends may be an indicator of the child:

  1. Being Underweight Or Overweight
  2. Having A Short Stature
  3. Suffering From Genetic and/or Medical Conditions
  4. Experiencing Nutritional Or Other Health Problems etc.

Infantometer- An Excellent Growth Monitoring Device

Measuring 45cm X 30cm, Infantometer detects the early changes in a child’s growth. Use this estimation to calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the infant.

What Is a BMI Infantometer?

Body Mass Index, abbreviated as BMI is a simple calculation based on height and weight. It is the measurement of the total body fat of an individual.

How To Calculate Body Mass Index?

In order to calculate the BMI of an infant, the following formula is applicable:

Weight Of The Infant (in kg) X Height Square (in m)

BMI And Early Childhood Development

Upon calculation, compare the BMI of the infant against a BMI range. If the BMI falls in a healthy BMI range, the infant has a normal BMI and so is healthy. Any deviations from this range may state underlying medical conditions.

Healthy BMI Range For Infants

BMI for infants is in percentile. That is, it is a plot of the infant’s BMI with the BMI of other infants of the same age and gender. A percentile between 5% to 85% is healthy.


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